My husband and I have differing views on this. He thinks it was 'cool' because my husband would also like to go to space. I, however, see it as a waste of time and money at a time when so much in the world is in need of so much - from vaccines to countries fighting the pandemic, to drought-stricken areas with little water, to areas with damaged infrastructure that are literally drowning by heavy rains and over flowing rivers. There are children in every country on this planet [including the USA] who go hungry. There are struggling research programs - like for cancer et al - that can not find sufficient funding. I could go on all day. It just makes it very hard to get excited about rich men who act like teenagers taking a ride on an amusement park ride. If we took care of things here we wouldn't need to think about having a future need to live on a different planet. - Hmmm, great article, made me think.

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