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Writer, photographer and bubbling over with Joy of Life. All photos my own.

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Ever feel that way?

Not exactly a rant-worthy image, is it? Photographic by author.

I was going through my photo library the other day and came across this one.

My mister and I were on vacation one summer travelling through a few coastal towns of Northern California when we came upon a large grouping of “Naked Ladies” — Amaryllis Belladonna — just sitting there by the side of some random road. So pretty. I thought one of the photos would work as a graphic, so I did some ‘art-y’ stuff to it and found this quote by the Dalai Lama that seemed perfect.

I think the Dalai Lama is, of course, correct — why…

Fiction short story of romance

Photo by author. Roses speak of romance.

Norman was 80 years old but spry. He carried himself like a younger man of 75. His hair was gray but he still had all of it. His beard was gray but he shaved every day because he didn’t want Martha to think of him as ‘grizzled’. Today he wanted Martha to think of him as handsome and funny. She often told him he was funny. Today he was setting up a spot in his old run-down barn for a romantic dinner he hoped would charm her.

He’d spent two weeks building a beautiful dining table of golden teak. It…

My husband and I have differing views on this. He thinks it was 'cool' because my husband would also like to go to space. I, however, see it as a waste of time and money at a time when so much in the world is in need of so much - from vaccines to countries fighting the pandemic, to drought-stricken areas with little water, to areas with damaged infrastructure that are literally drowning by heavy rains and over flowing rivers. There are children in every country on this planet [including the USA] who go hungry. There are struggling research programs…

A fiction story of war and loss

Photo by author.

Clarence and Phyllis had first heard of The Red Pheasant Inn as it was back in the old times. Clarence’s father and mother had honeymooned there and often told stories of the long walks they would take through the rolling countryside and how they would enjoy glasses of locally grown wines. The Inn was at least a century old, built of stone hewn from the ground from the nearby hills and transported by donkey cart. It wasn’t big, it wasn’t fancy but it had charm. At least those were the stories told by Clarence’s father.

When Clarence and Phyllis got…

Not just a writing prompt, something real

Author’s husband crouched low photographing something. Photo by author.

I know I’m writing this essay in response to a #Writehere “What I’m tired of” writing prompt, but it struck a chord with me. Strong and immediate. So here goes.

Here’s what I’m tired of: being homebound. I want to go out photo-ing with my mister again. I’m sick to death of being stuck in the stupid house. Here’s the situation:

  • Nov/Dec 2019 I had to undergo treatment for a rare cancer. Bummer, I know. It was just barely before we heard about COVID. …

Really, who wouldn’t?

Photo by author.

One of the coolest things about being a mother, I have discovered, is that once a mother, always a mother. Doesn’t matter the passage of time, that kid you gave birth to is always your kid.

And now, one of the coolest things about life is when I get a text from my kid asking if she and her kid can come and have lunch with me on the morrow? Oh, my, yes! What, am I going to say no?

I have the joy of living in the same community as our older daughter and the grandchildren. We have a…

Wait, what twilight years?

This is what twilight looks like. Photo by author.

I was tiptoeing through the news headlines the other evening when I saw something that referred to a person’s retirement as his or her twilight years. Oh, why was I tiptoeing through the news? Let me explain that before I continue.

There is so much bad in the news — or at least that is most of what you see in headlines — that I tend to scan them quickly lest I accidentally depress myself by reading something truly awful. I know there are wars and pandemics and fires and floods. And people who use guns…

I was captivated by an eagle in a rice field

Bald Eagle standing on a grass mound in a flooded rice field, winter 2018. Photo by author.

Bald Eagles fascinate me. They are very large birds with an enormous wingspan. Adults have white heads and white tails. But for me it’s their beaks. They have huge yellow hooked beaks. And a steely gaze. They simply look regal. I know they are raptors, hunters. And, yes, even scavengers. They will steal another guy’s lunch if they can. They’ve been known to grab an opsrey’s hard fought fishing catch right in the air. But all that aside, I still find them fascinating.

One winter’s morning my husband and I were driving around the backroads of our area doing some…

Linda C Smith

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