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Writer, photographer and bubbling over with Joy of Life. All photos my own.

Love the “Hi Grandma” texts

My phone. Who knew I would come to treasure it so much? Graphic by author.

Technology when I was growing up included the television set, electric range and telephones [landlines]. Technology when my daughters were kids upgraded to include VHS tapes and the beginnings of personal computers. Tech now for my grandchildren includes cellphones, laptops, electronic tablets, electric cars. Oh my gosh. What could possibly be next?

Communication vis-a-vis technology includes an evolution from handwritten cards and letters to email and from literal phone calls to texting. Especially in my family.

And I love it.

I’m the Grandma and Mom and I have to say, I love the delight of getting a text from…

Can you really hide behind driftwood? Graphic by author.

Justine and Merri were running for their lives. Their very lives, but Merri kept slipping in the sand. Justine would grab her by the arm and jerk her to her feet and whisper to her to fly.

“Fly Merri! Fly!”

Justine and Merri had been best of friends since preschool. They seemed to gravitate towards one another as magnets do. The science says that it is the unlike poles of magnets that make them attract one another and, at first glance, these two girls were as unlike as could be possible. One tall, the other short. One dark-haired, dark-eyed. One…

In this case it has nothing to do with travel.

Imagine being bound to your home in this tiny abode. Photo by author.

Homebound is one of those words that has two separate and distinct meanings. One meaning is to be bound for home. Home is the destination and you are traveling to get there. You are on your way home. Homebound.

The other meaning is quite different and very personal to me. In this case homebound means being unable to leave home; in most cases due to illness and/or old age. Since I live with a chronic illness/condition [actually 2] I live at home all the time. One of the chronic conditions…

You won’t believe who I am inviting.

Flowers for my tea party. Graphic by author.

The other day it was my joy to have my older daughter over for lunch and a long conversation. We talked about her recent trip to Tennessee where she got to spend a bit of time with her sister, the younger daughter. She also brought me up-to-date on the day-to-day doings of the grandkids, both now out of school for the summer. She wants my nine-year old granddaughter to have more ‘grandma’ time and I’m loving that idea!

When she packed up her lunch stuff and we hugged after she’d put her mask…

Are you sure?

Graphic by author.

The phrase “bloom where you’re planted,” according to my research, goes back to the 1500’s and the Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales. It’s my lifetime experience — so far 70 years — that says that we humans have a really hard time doing this. We are forever a-wandering.

I remember way long time ago as a late teen just itching to get high school over with. Part of my path ahead was set because I had two goals right away: join the Navy to serve my country, then go to college because, well, I’m not…

Children have the capacity to do this all the time. Graphic by author.

Yesterday I was on ‘cloud 9.’ Actually cloud zillion and two because for the first time in well over a year Granddaughter got to come over to our house.

She is 9-years old. Grandpa and I have had our COVID vaccination but she still has to wear a mask and she is fine with that. She said that she has had to wear it so much that she doesn’t even care. She’ll make the mask move in weird ways and say that she is making funny faces under it. …

Actually there are more, but these are my favorites.

Sweet gum leaf. Photo by author.

By older I mean older than 50. Okay, older than 60…let’s land on 70 which is where I currently find myself. I was thinking that being older is kind of special. There are some cool things about it.

Okay, here is my list of five things I’m liking about this being older business:

  1. Time. Since I am “retired,” meaning I no longer work a 9–5 job or am otherwise employed in something that requires a set timeframe each day, my time is my own. I set my own schedule each day…

I don’t care if I do look healthy to you

Graphic by author based on photo by author.

Okay maybe this quote from Mr. Thomas is a bit dramatic but sometimes it fits. It just fits.

I’ve been living with a chronic disease, disorder, whatever you want to call it for nearly 40 years now. I know that’s a long time. You would think I would be used to it and to some small degree you would be correct. …

Or not, but I like the interesting and lovely ones

Photo by author.

Okay I’ll admit that “Klaatu barata nikto” isn’t lovely. It doesn’t roll off the tongue. But it has cadence and for me brings memories of watching this 1951 movie with my parents. I was only a baby when the movie came out so I didn’t see it until I was a kid, but I loved it right away.

I love the words creme anglaise. A type of fancy custard, but sounds so creamy and delicious said as ‘creme anglaise.’

Borscht. Another unlovely sound perhaps, but saying it puts me in…

Whoa, wait, since I plan to live to be 100, I do!

Very busy Carpenter Bee in my front yard. Photo by author.

I was outdoors the other day enjoying the late spring air and rocking in my patio rocking chair. The chair is nothing special, it’s made of plastic, but it does rock and it reclines a bit. I have a cushion I snug into it — you know, the kind that normally comes with patio furniture. And I use a plastic crate as a footstool. Next to the chair I have a little round glass-topped patio table on which I put my tasty beverage. I’m into flavored iced teas…

Linda C Smith

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