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Writer, photographer and bubbling over with Joy of Life. All photos my own.

What a lovely article. I don't know why but I love wolves. I've never seen one in person. But there is something about them that speaks to me. Growing up we had a German Shepherd and I used to pretend that he was a wolf. I'm one of those people who prefer aloneness; I'm never lonely with just myself for company.

A short story about friendship apropos of nothing

Graphic by author.

It was still an amazing experience, standing in the doorway of the cafe. And Claudia could still feel the rush of excitement of those first days after the pandemic was declared once for all, good and gone. Masks were hangers-on but for the most part the ghost of the pathogen itself had faded. People could once again meet and greet and life had a specialness again.

Claudia stood slightly to one side of the open doorway so that others could come and go. She wanted to look around to see if the…

Living with the white noise of neighborhood life

Friendly neighborhood Western Gray Squirrel exploring my backyard fence. Photo by author.

I was sitting out on the patio earlier this afternoon enjoying my lunch. I love to sit out of doors and breathe the fresh air. And I’m hoping and praying that there are no wildfires this year to poison the air and force us to spend the summer indoors. Just saying. I enjoy watching the birds, butterflies and wildlife [squirrels] that come and go.

I enjoy tending my growing flower garden and wondering when my mister is going to mow the bit of lawn over by the hanging tree. We call it…

I mean, can I just go ahead and ask if my doctor has been vaccinated?

Snowy Egret scratching an itch. Photo by author

I sure would like to be as nonchalant about everything as my friend here appears to be. He [she? it?] doesn’t seem to care a whit that I’m sitting in my car next to him and pointing a camera right in his face. He’s got his life and I’ve got mine and right now the only thing important to him is scratching the itch under his chin.

I get that. I do. I took this photo a bit over two years ago and golly gee…

A very wise young person explained why there are no losers

A wise young person in her magical sparkle skirt. Graphic by author.

At the time she was only 4 years old, but already she was a competitor. One of her favorite games was dominoes. And she loved to win.

In her mind the winner was the person who finished first. The fact that she made up words in order to cement her win made no never mind to her. If the points tallied to her advantage then, TA DA, she won. She would turn to her grandpa and say “I’m the winner, you’re the misser!”

“Don’t you mean loser?” Grandpa asked…

Words are powerful

I can remember waiting until my first baby spoke her first word. Then years later I waited until my first grandchild spoke his first words. Words are communication. I so much wanted to know what my babies thought and the only way would be through the words they spoke.

Words express ideas and feelings. They express opinions. They make declarations and proclamations. They make promises and threats. Words can make you smile and they can make you cringe. They are formed through the alphabet as a way of wrapping life in meaning. I wrote the quote above…

You know, in the before-the-pandemic times

Dessert on Alaskan cruise pre-pandemic years.

I love to eat. Okay, dumb statement, who doesn’t? Let me clarify that further, I love to eat out. — Okay, you ask, again who doesn’t? But I’m serious.

Whether it was in the company of others or just me all by myself, I would so greatly enjoy going to my eateries and having either a quick snack or a full-on dinner. [And, lest I forget to be grateful, I am indeed deeply grateful that I have been allowed to live in a place and circumstance that has afforded this pleasure from time-to-time.]


nope, not a metaphor; I really do live with a T-Rex

Sorry for the photo quality but George is massively camera shy. Had to use my phone from rather far away. Here he is standing in a doorway on his way to get into some kind of mischief.

Most have read by now that many scientists who study dinosaurs -those creatures who lived many eons ago -were actually birds. Humongous birds. They may even have had feathers. And that modern day birds are their descendants. I’m here to tell you that I’m a true believer.

How do I know? Meet George. We discovered him in a pet store when he was but 6 months old. He had papers proclaiming that he was male, of good health and had been named George. There was something about him so…

I totally agree with this statement; but I'm one of those who will continue wiping surfaces and washing groceries - for awhile. I got my vaccination but still wear a mask around others. This pandemic scared me, I'm honest to say.

Some philosophical musings in a poetical sort of way.

A fly-up of Snow Geese. This never fails to move me when I get a chance to see it.

The other day I was sitting on my patio. Right now it is early spring and where I live the weather is already warming up and the trees are beginning to leaf out. I have this awesome patio chair. It is made of plastic -maybe that doesn’t sound particularly awesome, but it is -and it is designed as a rocking chair. It even has the ability to let you adjust it so that you sit up straight or recline a bit. I use a plastic crate as a footstool. Next to…

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