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Writer, photographer and bubbling over with Joy of Life. All photos my own.

The author’s husband, photo by author. At the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Fort Bragg, CA.

Graphic by author. My own sandwich and it was tasty!
  • plain bagels
  • scrambled eggs
  • crispy bacon

Photo by author, Linda C Smith.

Male Wood Duck at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA. Photo by author.
  1. If I could see, up close, a pond full of Wood Ducks. Especially when the males are in their full color. Then I would take ever so many photos of them.
  2. Having a scrambled egg and bacon on bagel sandwich with a side of veggies. Actually that’s on tonight’s menu! Oh and the bagel is not toasted, but does have mayo. The egg scramble has parsley, salt, freshly ground pepper and a dash of chili powder. And maybe some cumin.
  3. Having the pandemic over, gone, done with. As if it never was…

Yes, there it is. The Moon. Photo by author.

Short short fiction

Clouds. Photo by author.

Beautiful bit of polished driftwood; coast in Humboldt County, California. Photo by author.

The Runaway Bagel. Graphic by author.

But let us not get ahead of our story.

Standing in the doorway. Graphic by author.

Linda C Smith

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